Enterprise-Grade, Voice, Data, and Fibre-Optic Cabling Solutions.

Our cabling division boasts the highest accreditation with all major product suppliers in providing structured and certified cabling solutions. We invest in continuous staff training, pre-manufacturing (cable looms, terminations etc) and the latest test equipment to ensure that we deliver on time and comply with international standards.

Best in class product lines from Molex, Krone, Siemon and Fujikura, combined with professional staff and superior technical expertise, places our cabling division at the forefront of network installations including:

  • Structured Voice & Data Cabling
  • Fibre Optic Networks
  • Wireless Networks

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Structured Voice and Data Cabling

A well designed, certified structured cabling solution CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A and CAT7 (10GIG) will always facilitate easier growth, smooth changes and ensure a very stable and reliable physical layer. This is the cornerstone for any LAN to perform well. We provide structured voice and data cabling solutions to the following ICT services:

  • Data
  • VoIP
  • Point Of Sale
  • Wireless Access Points
  • IP Television
  • Building Automation Services
  • Access Control
  • Other Network Peripherals

These solutions are designed using CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A and CAT7 (10GIG) programs

Fibre Optic Networks

This is a speciality service which includes network applications for LANs, MANs, WANs, SANs, intra-building and inter-building communications, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and telecommunication networks. Optical fibre better accommodates the increasingly complex network architectures while offering bandwidth durability, ease of installation, immunity to EMI/RFI, toleration of harsh environmental conditions and long-term economies.

There are two types of optic fibre: multimode fibre and single-mode fibre:

  • Multimode fibre is best designed for short transmission distances and is suited for use in LAN systems and video surveillance.
  • Single-mode fibre is designed for longer transmission distances, making it suitable for long-distance telephony and multichannel television broadcast systems.

Our fibre optic installation teams are certified by the American Fibre Optic Association (FOA) to perform the following speciality services:

  • Fusion and mechanical splicing of Multimode and Single-mode fibre
  • End-to-end attenuation testing with OLTS (Optical Loss Test Set) and OTDR at their corresponding wavelengths with Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS) and OTDR.
  • OLTS and OTDR signature trace documentation for as-built records, performance records and detailed fibre optic network design drawings
  • Air blown fibre and mini fibre cable services.

Wireless Networks

As a result of its increasing popularity, Wireless Solutions are included in our service offering in combination with other standard infrastructure solutions.

Our products provide:

  • True Non line of site solutions with high availability and throughput
  • Point to point connectivity of up to 20KM's
  • Broadband point to point communication - up to 300 Mbps
  • Carrier grade cost effective solutions
  • Wi-Fi Solutions
  • Wi-Max Solutions
  • Intelligent bridging and routing
  • Wi-Fi Mesh Solutions

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