Running a small or mid-sized organization? Outsourcing your IT support services to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can make your business more efficient, cost-effective and secure.

Below are some of the benefits you gain by considering this a go-to-option.

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Sometimes the size of your business can prevent you from performing IT functions at a consistent and reasonable cost. If you are running a small business for example, hiring and training full-time IT support staff is expensive and you may not have enough work to keep them busy full-time.

Outsourcing gives you the freedom to pay only for the service you need, allowing you to budget effectively and save money. It also reduces research, development and implementation costs which could affect the competitiveness of your business.

Training, Certification and Experience

These days it is difficult to find an employee who has the correct breadth and depth of knowledge in the ever-changing field of Information Technology. Outsourcing gives you access to skilled and experienced professionals who fit within the operating environment and structure of your business and have deep knowledge and experience across many areas. Managed Services Providers will ensure that their technicians have the training, certifications and experience to meet your specific IT support requirements.

Take Advantage of New Technology

A professional IT Support company has the required resources at its disposal and is equipped to start a new project almost immediately. Implementing the same project in-house will take longer and is more expensive as the internal IT resource still has to familiarise themselves with the technology, put forward a project plan and execute the project – all the whilst dealing with their day-to-day responsibilities. Outsourcing dramatically shortens this life-cycle and allows you to be more flexible and dynamic.

Allows you to Focus on your Core Business

IT support outsourcing allows businesses to free up their scarce resources. Managers do not need to make complex IT decisions and can instead focus on their designated responsibilities. For example, most office managers do not want to procure computer hardware themselves simply due to the vast number of available options and configurations. Outsourcing will alleviate these pressures as you always have knowledgeable resources at your disposal.

Reduce Risk

IT managed services assess the risk of technology disruptions for their clients, and with specific industry knowledge, will help you identify the risks associated with your technology choices and suggest preventative measures along with long-term solutions. This provides you with knowledgeable advice in order to make informed decisions regarding your business.

Be More Competitive

Truth be told, technology is costly and very few small businesses can afford dedicated in-house IT departments. Outsourcing your IT support gives you access to professionals at a fraction of the cost which can help you compete effectively with larger competitors.

Data Security and Compliance

Data privacy and security has become a prime concern to customers today and having an outsourced IT department can help mitigate the risks and exposure by providing advice and guidance combined with the latest technologies. This will also ensure that the competitive advantage and reputation of a business remains intact.

Outsourcing IT support to a managed services provider will not only save you money, but will also enable you to forecast your expenditures, in order to ensure reliable business continuity.

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