Gone are the days when people relied on newspapers and the yellow pages to gather information about businesses and what they offer. Advancements in technology and specifically the internet, demand that companies have well designed and professional websites to make themselves known to the public.

To prove this, a study conducted in the United States revealed that 70% of the adult population researched products and services on the internet before going out to buy them and 63% of online shoppers reported that they make use of search engines to get more information about products before making a purchase.

These findings indicate that if companies lack professional, well-managed websites, they miss out on a lot of potential business and if customers cannot find you on the web, you have a minimal chance of success.

Coming up with a professional website is not the end of the matter – businesses should also invest in marketing and promotion to make their online presence felt and in turn, generate website traffic and leads.

Oneupweb conducted a study which disclosed that 88% of websites are failing when it comes to marketing, promotion and search engine optimization which, considering the highly-connected world we live in, can have an extremely detrimental effect on a business.

There are some considerations to be made if one seeks to stand out on the internet where thousands of websites pop up every day, as a professional website enables a business to have the edge over the competition.

A successful website development should feature the following:

  • An attractive design with a professional “look and feel” to improve credibility
  • Fast load times (slow sites can hamper search engine rankings and frustrate visitors)
  • Ability to work across all web browsers and devices
  • A responsive or “mobile-friendly” template design
  • Intuitive navigation structure to improve accessibility
  • Relevant, informative and engaging content
  • A comprehensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and marketing strategy
  • Secure, robust and stable web hosting environment

When any of these factors are lacking, the website becomes difficult to use and potential customers may be forced to go back to the search engine results to find a user-friendly alternative.

To avoid scenarios like the one described above, designing and developing a professional website should be a priority for every business and organisation and you should engage the services offered by experienced professionals.

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