Virtualization has changed the dynamics of the data center. While yielding benefits such as enhanced performance and reduced costs, virtualization presents significant challenges for protecting and recovering virtual machine (VM) and application data. 

Traditional backup and recovery options for virtualized environments - like agents—have long been the weak links in the virtualization chain. These processes can be complex and costly, slowing down your system performance with excessive overhead.

And these problems only scratch the surface as the complexities of restoring data using traditional backup products go much deeper. Virtualization data protection requires a new and better way of thinking.

HP and Veeam have collaborated to create a modern data protection solution optimized for virtualized environments. Built on five key steps required to protect your Modern Data CenterTM, this joint solution:

  1. Enables high-speed recovery to satisfy “always-on” information needs
  2. Avoids data loss with near-continuous data protection
  3. Leverages automation to reduce human errors and verify backup integrity
  4. Optimize backup efficiency and reliability
  5. Provides complete visibility over your virtual infrastructure and storage

This solution by HP and Veeam allows you to easily meet and even exceed recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTPOTM), enjoy faster backup speeds, and leverage more flexible backup windows—all with an easy-to-use data protection console. What’s more, you can start using this better, faster data protection strategy in just hours without impacting your existing strategies for physical machine or alternate operating system backups.

Data protection as easy as 3-2-1

Businesses are producing more data each day and not all data produced or the applications are the same. The ability to protect and recover depending on the criticality of data and to the business is fundamental to Modern Data ProtectionTM and a key premise on which HP and Veeam solutions are built upon.

HP Storage with Veeam Backup & ReplicationTM delivers a comprehensive solution that allows you to achieve an industry best practice “3-2-1” data protection strategy by:

  • Keeping 3 copies of your data...
  • On 2 different types of media...
  • With at least 1 copy stored off-site.

Enabling faster non-disruptive recovery of VMs

Most organizations perform backups once per day, which limits the recovery point to the last backup of the previous day. A good data protection strategy is to augment external backups with snapshots to allow for more frequent recovery points. Snapshots provide the fastest way to recover data, but hypervisor snapshots are disruptive and can adversely affect application performance and SLAs.

The integration of HP Storage and Veeam software creates application-consistent VM snapshots by offloading the operation to the storage. The result is a greater number of frequent recovery points for instant recovery of VMs, applications and individual items to significantly improve RPOs—all without any impact to the production environment. The integration also allows non-disruptive backup of VMs to external, disk-based systems via snapshots.

Efficient backup and recovery

For long-term retention of backups that extend beyond the retention of snapshots, the data must be copied to an external system. However, increased data growth and frequent backups result in mountains of data and increasing storage footprints. HP StoreOnce backup systems and Veeam enable efficient deduplication of VM backups to reduce the overall footprint by up to 95% (20:1)1.

With HP StoreOnce and Veeam, critical restores of virtual machines, VM guest OS files, and objects from applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint can be completed in just a few minutes. StoreOnce also enables network-efficient replication of backups to a secondary location for cost-effective disaster recovery.


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